PNG Meeting“Humbled.” The best description I can give to my feelings. Seeing God work is truly awe inspiring. Our theme for this last set of meetings in PNG was “Set thine house in order.”

God picked the theme. We had not sat down and planned any theme, but the Holy Spirit directed and we began to teach on the family, relationships and the home. Powerful! The Spirit of Conviction was poured out in an abundance of rain. He spoke to us of Malachi 4:5-6, the turning of the hearts. As this latter rain poured out, God’s healing was showered upon us.

As we spoke of domestic violence, there were so many women with tears in their eyes and streaming down their faces. There is such a plague of this sin. But the Spirit of Reconciliation was present and many men confessed their struggle. They admitted that they had been aggressive and abusive husbands and fathers. They shared how they were truly convicted of how evil their course had been and how they had asked Jesus to forgive them. They told me that they were going home to change, by God’s grace.

How is our house?



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