The Arabic word al-jabr from which we get our word algebra carries the idea of the reunion of broken parts, such as the reduction of fractions to whole numbers. Thus God conducts algebra in our redemption. Algebra is also a language in which a single symbol may express complex relationships. This same is true of the Bible. Another part of basic foundational algebra is opposites and absolute values. We find opposites in the Bible. Heaven and Hell, for example.

What is the absolute value of -5? Or written in mathematical terms; | -5 | = ?
Yes, the answer is positive five or | -5| = 5
We are like the negative five (-5). We have sinned and no matter what we do we cannot bring ourself into a positive standing with God. The wages of sin is death, Rom 6:23. Yet in Christ we have our absolute value. In Him we are restored to a positive state. The separation that sin causes (Is 59:1-2) is removed. That makes Him our “Additive Inverse.” Praise the Lord for it.


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