Well it has been a long time coming but…

they finally came and got promptly to work.

The rock was very tough and they spent quite a while trying to chew through it.

In the middle of drilling we were interrupted by the soldiers who told us that we had to stop. They said that we had to obtain a new paper and more signatures. By God’s blessing we were able to obtain these without having to pay any money.

However, finally the papers came through and back to work.


They drilled down 66 meters (216.5 ft.) and then…

IMG_4906 IMG_4905

And then…

Praise the Lord!
We are thankful for His blessings and so thankful to each of you who continues to make these projects possible.
We have a very good well with abundant water. We are still using rain water, as we must now build the water tank and stand and begin plumbing and related projects. But there is water in there just waiting to be used.
Thank you for your prayers and thank you for your continued support!



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