Today’s Truth is a ministry of the body of Christ dedicated to faithful, practical teaching and service.


Teaching Ministry Goals:

  • To spread the Word of God and to win souls for Jesus.
  • To train, equip and support workers who are willing to fulfill the commission of Christ in Mt. 28:19, 20.
  • To declare Today’s Truth, that is, the special truths that are of the utmost concern at this time.
  • To help prepare people to be able to stand when the Lord shall be revealed at His soon return.
  • To uphold the Word of God and to defend the faith once delivered to the Saints.
  • To uphold righteousness and godliness and to stand in the gap and make up the breach in the body of Christ and the righteous law of God.


Service Ministry Functions:

  • Support of the persecuted and afflicted body of Christ. Heb. 13:3
  • To minister to widow’s, the fatherless, and those in need.
  • To minister health through emergency rescue, health education, and naturopathic assistance.
  • Language Education.

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