Mission Report from Myanmar

In Myanmar the nation is descending into a failed state with fighting and violence throughout the country. The military has seized power from the elected officials and is conducting a reign of terror with mass incarceration, pillaging, rape and murder of unarmed civilians. Some areas are worse than others. Despite all this, one of our evangelists has been conducting home meetings to bring the peace of God amidst the chaos. We were recently able to provide him with a motorbike to be able to conduct more meetings in more locations as the field expands. These efforts are being blessed of God and are well received by the people. As the Spirit of God always does, He is leading people to choose Jesus, to be baptized and to make growth in knowledge and faith.

Bible study for young and old alike on the floor of a village hut.
More Bible studies in a different location for village children.
Baptism of brand new believers in the local river.

If you like what you see, and want to make it possible for our local evangelist to keep making a huge impact despite the horrible human rights situation in Myanmar, please do consider donating to support him at: todaystruth.com/donate. Thank you ahead of time for your generosity, and may you be richly blessed as you have been a blessing!

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