Medical Relief Mission to Arunachel Pradesh


We were blessed to have the opportunity to arrange a medical relief mission trip deep inside the remote valley of Vijoynagar in India’s state of Arunachel Pradesh. With a team of over 17 doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses, paramedics and other emergency personnel, we were flown by the IAF straight to the northeastern most village of India, inhabited by ethnic Lisu peoples. We immediately got to work arranging clinics, surgeries, dental care, and medical evacuations, and when we finished in one village, we went to the next – 100 miles of hiking through dense, tiger and leech infested jungles, stopping at each village over the course of two weeks to provide life saving care in this remote and highly neglected region of India.

We plan to add more photos in the future, but let these few suffice for now:

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